Cal ready for Arizona

Cal knows that Arizona has improved and will be prepared for the Wildcats

Cal head coach Mike Montgomery knows that Arizona is a better team than he saw earlier in the season.

One of the reasons why is because the Wildcats are playing somewhat of a different style of basketball.

They've gotten a lot better and they've gone small," Montgomery said. "They present tough matchups with [Chase] Budinger at the four.

Montgomery also feels that the UA is better coached, as evidenced by the numerous adjustment made each game.

"They're much more comfortable with their coaching situation and all their adjustments," he said. "Their defense has solidified what they want to do. So they're much more confident in what they're doing."

Of course, one of the main reasons for that confidence has been the play of Jordan Hill.

"Jordan Hill is quick, long, and he's got a good shooting touch," Montgomery said. "He is one of the better offensive centers in the league and he's real quick to the ball. He provides a nice backdrop for them in their zone because he can block shots.

"They gamble out a little bit on the ball and he's able to patrol behind the ball in the zone and cause problems with his length. He's got a very quick first step for a big guy, so to guard him with your own big makes it easier for him to get a first step by him to go to the basket, and if you play him with someone smaller he can go above them."

Montgomery attributes much of Arizona's success to the simple fact that the coaching staff is starting to know the players better.

Well, his players are not bad kids," he said of Pennell. "Though there was dysfunction, it wasn't from the kids. It was an odd situation. I think that once the coaches got to know their players, because they didn't have anybody there that knew much about the kids and their strengths.

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