Matt Scott will be the starter

Matt Scott will be Arizona's starting quarterback in 2009. There's every reason to believe he will be the starter and few reasons to think otherwise.

All right, so Mike Stoops, Sonny Dykes and company haven't said it publicly, but who is fooling who?

I'm not fooled.

Sophomore quarterback Matt Scott will be the starter on Sept. 5 when the Wildcats take on Central Michigan. How do I know? Because it's obvious.

First off, Sonny Dykes is going to give Scott every opportunity to win the job. He sees what Oregon has been doing with mobile quarterbacks and knows exactly how lethal his offense could be with someone like Scott.

On top of that, no one really knows how good Nick Foles is. Okay, he played well against the scout team last year, but what's that mean? He was third string at Michigan State and no one thought he had the chance to play there.

Of course Stoops and Dykes are going to say publicly that it's an even battle. They want Scott to compete as hard as he can.

But even if Foles is a little better than Scott, and there's no reason to believe he is, the coaches will go with Scott.

That's my prediction. If I'm wrong, you can let me hear it on Sept. 5.

But I'll be right, and furthermore, the Wildcats won't miss a beat offensively from last season. They might even be better.

Matt Scott is that good.

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