25 it is

Arizona was announced as being in its 25th straight NCAA tournament on Sunday, much to the surprise of many.

Admit it.

You didn't think Arizona was getting in.

Why should you?

Most of the analysts believed the same.

However, on Sunday, that was all proven wrong.

Arizona received its 25th tournament appearance in a row and is set to face Utah in the Midwest Region on Friday.

While Arizona fans will have to wait until Friday to see the Wildcats play, fans did not have to wait long to hear that the UA is in the tournament.

Arizona was announced in the first region on the selection show and it took away a stress that has been around for at least two weeks.

There are still numerous people that will believe that Arizona does not belong in the tournament but, at the end of the day, Arizona's resume was stronger than the other bubble teams.

When Arizona loses to Arizona State in the conference tournament, the general consensus was that Arizona still had a minimal chance. However, there were upsets in the A-10 tournament, USC won the Pac-10, and Mississippi State won the SEC. These wins, combined with pessimistic mock brackets, gave Arizona fans every reason to believe that their Wildcats would not be in.

Now that Arizona is in, however, the Wildcats will have a tough game. Utah has gotten much better as the season has progressed and the Utes have plenty of talent to compete with the UA.

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