Why Arizona can beat Louisville

It may be a long shot, but the Wildcats can beat Louisville if it does the following:

It may be a long shot, but the Wildcats can beat Louisville if it does the following ten things.

1. Get a big effort from Jamelle Horne: Not necessarily offensively, but definitely defensively. If Horne can contain Louisville's Earl Clark, the UA is going to have a much better chance of winning on Friday.

In addition, if he is able to match what he did against Cleveland State, Arizona is going to be pretty difficult to beat. Arizona needs a solid game from Horne if it plans on winning.

2. Get Samardo Samuels in foul trouble: It is definitely possible, as it has happened many times before. Arizona needs to consistently take it to the basket and/or feed it to Jordan Hill.

Yes, Samuels has faced good bigs all season. However, those same bigs have given him fits. Hill needs to stay aggressive because if he can get Samuels out of the game, Louisville is going to find itself weaker defensively.

3. Handle the press: Arizona is going to face 40 minutes of pressure and could take some notes from Siena. Siena was able to take care of the ball and had a chance to win late because of it.

If Arizona can limit turnovers and beat the press, it will make Louisville defend even more. The more that Louisville has to defend in somewhat of a halfcourt setting, the more successful Arizona will likely be.

4. Take the crowd out of it: Unless the Kansas and Michigan State fans are rooting for Arizona, this is basically a road game.

If the Wildcats can get out to an early start, the crowd may be a little quieter than people expect. This is being billed as basically a home game for Arizona and we know how the UA has played on the road.

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