Miller impressive in press conference

Sean Miller was introduced on Tuesday and it is hard to imagine a more impressive debut.

Sean Miller was introduced on Tuesday and it is hard to imagine a more impressive debut.

Miller started the press conference by saying thank you to the man that made the Arizona program what it is today.

"Before I even thank the appropriate people, I want to make sure that I thank Coach Olson for being here at this press conference," Miller said.

"It means the world to me. Just so you know, one of the reasons that I sit here today is because of the great legacy that you built and the feeling that the world and the nation have about Arizona Basketball stems from you. You being here means the world. Thank you very much."

In fact, Olson's legacy is one of the reasons Miller decided to come to Arizona.

"It's humbling, it's very humbling," he said. "I would by lying if I didn't say it that way. It's also what drives you to come and take this opportunity because very few programs have a single coach with the legacy that Coach Olson left.

"You look at some of the amazing accomplishments that he had, but the period of time that he coached here, looking at almost a quarter of a century of success. To be that next coach, so to speak, outside of this transition period, is an honor and comes with a lot of responsibility and is the reason why I'm here today."

Miller knows that he is stepping into a difficult situation, but also knows that the success of the past sets up the future.

"You look at the success under leadership that was the same for so long," he said. "The passion that this community has for our basketball program with 14,500 I believe is the sell-out.

I was looking in the media guide and that number sign next to about 15 years in a row. There are not too many programs in the nation that have the support and then in addition to the quality of winning and doing it the right way.

"Like any young coach who admires the older coaches, the coaches who have done it the right way, for me to be here and to have Coach Olson sitting here is really a great time in my life and it's something that I'm really looking forward to continuing."

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