Miller's most important recruiting job

Sean Miller's most important recruiting job may be convincing Nic Wise to stay at Arizona.

When Sean Miller took the Arizona job, he knew that there would be plenty of holes to fill. After all, it is one of the biggest challenges in taking such a job and one in which he definitely did the research on.

While he needs to go out and recruit new players, which he has already started doing, Miller also needs to make sure he develops a relationship with the current players as well.

The most important recruit that Miller can get is point guard Nic Wise. Wise is thinking about leaving Arizona and when you consider the fact that he would be playing for his fourth coach in four years, it is truly difficult to blame him.

At his press conference, Miller said that he is a point guard's coach. Well, he won't have to worry about the position for at least one year if Wise remains at Arizona.

The biggest positive of Wise staying, however, may be the message that he sends to recruit. Imagine a recruit talking to a player who, through numerous low times, still decided to stick with Arizona.

He could have transferred like others, but the UA simply meant too much to him. Miller can say that despite the fact there will be some tough times in the near future, recruits should still want to play at Arizona because of what it is.

It still remains to be seen if Wise is going to stay, but if he does not, it will not be because Miller did not put in the effort. He knows full well how important Wise is to the Wildcats and how important he can be in his senior year as well.

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