Game Talk: Arizona/Oregon State

After Arizona's win over Oregon State, Arizona coach Lute Olson was thrilled with how the Wildcats rebounded. The Cats dominated the boards in Oregon and the coach couldn't have been happier.

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Lute Olson

On the road trip
"I am really happy. It's been a ten-day deal for us. Because of our tournament we did not get a day off. I'm really proud of how they hung in and played with the enthusiasm they played with. I don't think we played great, but we did another outstanding job on the boards and made things tough on them to score."

"We got a little careless in the second half. They scored on seven of their first nine possessions. That's obviously something we've got to improve on."

On the rebounding
"I was really pleased with the effort of Isaiah Fox. It just looked to me like he was playing good defense and got a couple of calls that I think were questionable and limited his time. 10 rebounds in 15 minutes, he just got after it."

I thought the two freshmen wings played well. They did not necessarily shoot well. Boy those two make it difficult to score and they are so good on the glass."

"We've been getting better on the boards and you can really see it. Dennis Latimore is doing a great job as he comes off the bench."

"Our three men are getting more and more aggressive on the boards. Andre (Iguodala) goes up sometimes and his arms seem like they are 14 feet long. Then Hassan (Adams) comes up with one (rebound) every game that takes your breath away. I'm pleased with the development of those guys."

On time off
"We're going to try and shorten up the practices a bit next week to make sure their legs are fresh. Generally when we get to the league we start giving the seniors some senior privileges. We'll go with some full court for the other ten guys, but we'll give Ricky, Jason, and Luke some time off. Luke should be ready to work with us on Monday. Our trainer has done an unbelievable job."

Jay John

"The single most important thing we have is our effort. I know the guys were giving everything that they had and that is the kind of effort that we want."

"I can't imagine there's any deeper team out there - and they're missing a pretty good guy in there, too."

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