Spring football thoughts

With spring football officially over, here are some general thoughts

With spring football officially over, here are some general thoughts

The QB battles seems to be even according to the coaching staff, but we like Matt Scott better. Actually, what we like better, is the idea that Mike Stoops presented earlier in the week. Both players bring unique elements to the game and both should play. It has been proven before that a plateau system can work and we see no reason why Stoops should not at least give it a try.

Moving to runningback, the depth here is wonderful. As good as Daniel Jenkins is, we assume he will redshirt. Greg Nwoko has been a pleasant surprise and finally brings the power back that UA fans have wanted for so long. You be assured that if the Wildcats get close to the goal line, Nwoko will get the ball.

The offensive line looks to be somewhat of a questionable unit, as quality depth is a little bit of a concern. Mike Diaz looks to be a starter, but there are some questions about his durability and such. Bill Bedenbaugh will likely have this unit ready, but there is some hesitation to be completely confident about it.

Wide receiver is a solid unit, but will need a contribution from a freshman. Mike Stoops believes the unit is one player away from being a legitimate two deep and we assume Travis Cobb will be able to add that. As long as the quarterback can get them the ball, we actually think this unit can surprise people.

The offense overall is going to be strong and we will have a report on the defense tomorrow.

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