Arizona staff one of the best

Arizona has one of the younger staffs in the country, but that does not mean it will not be effective.

Everybody knows why Sean Miller is qualified to be Arizona's coach. Although he is young, he has already had success at Xavier and proved that he can hang with the big boys.

In fact, there seems to be little doubt nationally that Miller is going to have success at the UA. It may take some time, but it seems that he is already off to a good start on the recruiting trail and success will likely come sooner than later.

What people may not know, however, is that he has put together a fantastic coaching staff, one that is as young as him and just as promising.

For starters, Archie Miller, Sean's brother, has left Ohio State to join Arizona. He was unable to do so at Xavier because of a clause against such things, but the addition of Archie is a huge one.

He was the lead assistant for Ohio State, but was also Herb Sendek's lead recruiter for one year at Arizona State. he already knows Arizona and although there was much talk about needing a west coast guy to recruit, there seems to be no reason why Archie could not take on that role.

He is considered to be a great recruiter and good workout guy as well. In other words, he is more of a complete package than simply a coach that is one dimensional.

In addition to Archie is Emmanuel "Book" Richardson. Richardson is going to be huge for recruiting, especially in the east. With him being on the staff, expect the Wildcats to basically recruit the entire country.

Arizona may have dipped into other states in the past, but it is likely going to be a force in the New York area. In the past we have questioned how tough Arizona has been and with the debate of west vs. east always being prevalent, it likely will not be as much as an issue any more.

Richardson should be able to go to the other side of the country and land the tough big man or hard nosed guard that Miller may not be able to find elsewhere.

The last member of the staff is James Whitford, who will likely oach the big men. Whitford is considered an up and comer and will likely be another guy that is going to be a major recruiter.

As soon as he got to Arizona, he was put in charge of two recruitments and came out on top for both. In addition, he has had success with less highly rated big men at Xavier.

It should be interesting to see what Whitford can do with five star talent, something that he should be finding out soon.

The staff at Arizona may not have the big name nationally, but this is basically the best staff Miller could have put together. Not only can it coach, but the recruiting element should be very successful and make Arizona fun to watch again.

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