Focus on the future

With there are only being a handful of good prospects left for 2009, the focus needs to be on 2010 and 11.

It is pretty clear that Arizona fans want to win.

In fact, it is clear that they are used to nothing else.

This definitely is not a bad thing and the fact that Lute Olson spoiled the town is not something that should be complained about. However, it is also not something that Sean Miller and company should be paying attention to for the upcoming season.

Don't get me wrong. The staff should obviously want to win games and try its hardest to do so. However, it should not be done at the risk of the future.

In other words, the Wildcats should not take a risk on a 2009 guy or take a lesser player in order to win more next season. Instead, it should be patient and wait for the players that it is capable of landing.

Make no mistake about it, this coaching staff is going to be able to land five start talent. When you look at that fact, you have to wonder if taking any more players would be worth it.

Yes, you have to trust the staff. However, it seems that even the staff knows that next season is somewhat loss. Instead of making a run for a conference championship, Miller needs to lay the groundwork for the future.

In order to do that, he must use the top notch players that he will be used to having instead of a guy that is a bit borderline. It makes too much sense for the program not to.

With the coaching staff likely looking beyond 2009, Arizona fans should too. it will take the sting away from next year's team a little bit and make people realize what exactly the future has in store.

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