2010 recruiting starting to take shape

We are starting to get a better feel for Arizona's top prospects for 2010 and here is how the list is starting to shape up

We are starting to get a better feel for Arizona's top prospects for 2010 and here is how the list is starting to shape up


Ray McCallum: The Detroit point guard is starting to blow up and each report of him gets better and better. He is keeping his recruitment open but assistant James Whitford has been recruiting him hard. McCallum will likely take his recruitment through the summer and we expect Arizona to be doing just fine with him.

Phil Pressey: Pressey is another lay that has seen his stock blow up as of late. He has offers from throughout the country and may be one of the smarter point guards on the circuit. There are no reports of him having an offer from Arizona, but much of that could have to do with the fact that the staff has not seen him up close. Still, it is recruiting him and will likely continue to do so. SG

Will Barton: Barton may actually be underrated at this point because he is up there with every opther player in the country. He has great instincts and can hit the jumper, as his scoring ability is easily his biggest strength. Arizona will be going hard after Barton with Book Richardson at the helm of the recruitment.

Doron Lamb: Lamb also has a connection with Richardson and Arizona is definitely recruiting him as hard as possible. Lamb is considered to be a scoring machine and could be the type of player that changes a team dramatically. Early in his recruitment, he showed interest in UCLA, which gives the indication that location may not be as big of a factor as some may think.


Anthony Brown: The new staff has been in contact with Anthony Brown and it is no secret how Brown feels about the Wildcats. Even through Lute Olson, Kevin O'Neill, and Russ Pennell, Brown never hid the fact that he liked the UA. We expect Brown to look very hard at Arizona and vice versa, as this relationship looks strong as of now.

Dominique Ferguson: Fergusons is considered by many to be the best at his position in the country and it is obvious why. Many think he is simply making John Calipari recruit him all over again and once he makes an impression, he is all Kentucky's. However, he does have a good relationship with Whitford and this may not be as open and shut as it seems.


Daniel Alexander: Alexander is similar to brown because he has liked Arizona for a while. It remains to be seen how he will be recruited by the new staff, but his like of the UA probably makes him one of its new priorities, at least in terms of being able to watch him. If Arizona offers and chooses to recruit him seriously, we like the Wildcats' chances.

Jordan Latham: Latham was headed to Xavier before Sean Miller left, so it only makes sense that the two parties meet again. Latham will likely be recruited to the UA, but he may not want to leave home. If he does feel that he can, however, Arizona should be in good shape.


Josh Smith: This is the only target that has emerged and you can say the same for most teams in the country. Center will definitely be a heavily recruiting position, but as of now, no real targets have emerged.

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