Lance Stephenson worth the gamble

There are numerous reports that Arizona is recruiting Lance Stephenson, but is he worth it?

First lets preface this by making it known that Arizona's recruitment of Lance Stephenson is a bit unclear.

Some reports say that Arizona is going to aggressively recruit him this week, while others says that the Wildcats have decided to back off of him.

Obviously this is a moot point if the UA is indeed backing off, but if it chooses to recruit him, it is certainly making a good choice.

You can make plenty of arguments against taking Stephenson because of all the rumors surrounding his recruitment. However, it is just that: rumors. Often times we hear of them surrounding the top players and absolutely nothing happens.

Stephenson deserves the benefit of the doubt unless we have reason not to give it to him, which at this point we do not.

What Arizona fans should do, however, is want a plkayer of his caliber on the team. Stephenson is the type of player that could help Arizona contend for a conference championship in Sean Miller's first year.

Without him, the UA is still a good team. With him, however, there will be major problems for opponents. He may be a one year player, but it has been proven many times, that it is the one year players that help win championships.

If Stephenson can help deepen the connection to New York, while helping Arizona contend for a conference championship, it is very difficult to argue that he is not worth it.

The fact is that Stephenson is a very good player and the decision to take or not take him has nothing to do with his skill set. The problem there is that there is no hard reason why the UA should not take him.

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