Exciting summer ahead

Both Arizona sports are in a position that Arizona fans should be ready to enjoy

With the summer rapidly approaching, Arizona fans should be happy with the current state of its athletics and be excited about what is coming ahead.

For starters, both sports are going to have elite camps this summer. Football's camp is notorious for getting at least one commit and has proven to be extremely successful.

In one day, Arizona football recruiting class will likely take somewhat of a dramatic turn. There is sure to be a player or two that emerges as a major prospect for the Wildcats when not much has been heard from him before.

In addition, the list of prospects attending this year should be a sign of where the program is now. The UA is on the way up and the talent on hand will likely be a good indicator of that.

Of course, many eyes will be on Sean Miller's first camp at Arizona as well. In order for it to be successful, you get the feeling Miller knows that he is going to have to bring in some talent to compete.

That should not be too hard, as new coaches are generally successful at recruiting and it is obvious that Miller is building something special at Arizona.

The list of players attending is something that everybody should be excited to see, as it is definitely a good indicator of how prospects around the country now view the Arizona program.

It is going to be a fun summer in Tucson and one in which should add a new face or two to Arizona athletics.

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