Stephenson situation overblown

Much has been made about Stephenson's recruitment, but there are a lot of factors that Arizona has to look at

Often times there are top players that remained unsigned deep into the recruiting process and fans throughout the country that keep wondering why.

Why a top player remains unsigned may be obvious to some, while others are confused and both sides of the issue seem to be understandable. This season, that player is Lance Stephenson and his recruitment has the attention of many.

There is no denying Stephenson's talent and his ability to immediately improve a team. He is obviously one of the better players in the country and despite how he has handled his recruitment, there seems to be no denying that fact.

However, it is the off the court issues that is leading to some major hesitancy throughout the country. When situations like these arise, the school recruiting the player needs to weigh the pros and cons.

Many reports say that Arizona has done this and is recruiting Stephenson, but it seems that is not the case. If it was, you would likely hear more about the situation and if there was a school seriously recruiting Stephenson, this process would probably be over with.

See, Stephenson reportedly wants this process over with just as much as anybody else does. However, he simply does not have enough options to end his recruitment.

Arizona may be interested in him, but it is in the same position that every school is in. There is evaluation that remains and until it gets settled, the recruitment will remain in limbo, as it should.

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