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Football recruiting is in full swing and here is a breakdown of the current class as we see it.

QB- As of now Matt Brown will be the only quarterback taken. The only way this changes is if Richard Morrison has no chance of being a signal caller, but we find that highly unlikely.

RB- Corona (Calif.) back Jordon James is easily the top target. Arizona will have to basically beat the entire country in order to land him, but the Wildcats are in his top five.

Newbury Park (Calif.) back Cameron Roberson is also right up there and his recruitment is starting to pick up with Notre Dame getting involved now. Arizona is in very good shape for Roberson and will likely be in that same position until the end.

WR- The picture here is much more bigger. Arizona is going to take a handful of receivers and there are already a decent amount of offers at the position. Corona (Calif.) receiver Tyler Slavin is one of the bigger targets on the board and it seems that UA is going to be battling schools like Oregon and Cal in order to land him.

Ideally, Arizona would like to have a chance with Kyle Prater and Matt Milton, but Milton seems to be the more likely of the two. It is going to be difficult to get an unofficial visit, but the UA is currently in the thick of things.

After that, you have guys like Austin Hill, Davon Dunn, and Chris Hawkins who are all early in their recruitments and thus difficult to read.

TE- At this point, we do not see Arizona taking a tight end in this class.

OT- The main target right now is likely San Diego's Alex Crosthwaite. Arizona has been on him for a while and will continue to do so. He may visit the UA this summer, but he is already familiar with the school.

Owasso (Okla.) tackle Trent Spurgeon already has Arizona in his top three and plans to go to camp this summer. After camp, he should have a decision and it seems the Wildcats are in very good shape.

The UA also wants Oklahoma tackle Denton Simek. Many feel that Simek is waiting for an Oklahoma offer, but it may not come. Thus, Arizona continues to recruit him hard and do very well with him in the process.

OG- Westlake Village Oaks Christian's Erik Kohler is a big target here. Arizona was his first offer, but at this point, we see it hard to imagine him leaving California. Still, the UA definitely wants him and he does like Arizona, so there is a fighting chance.

Nick Rowland is also a major target, although ASU, Stanford, and Cal are going to be hard to beat. Tim Kish and company are recruiting Rowland hard and the word is that he has definitely taken notice.

That is it for the offense and a defensive breakdown should be coming later this week.

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