Wise decision seems easy

After not being invited to the Chicago pre draft camp, Wise's decision now seems easy.

Much has been made about whether or not Nic Wise is or should be returning to school. At this point, one of the answers seems much more obvious than the other.

Wise's decision is still up in the air and he has participated in numerous workouts with NBA squads in the past few weeks. While these are private and we are unable to truly know how he did, Wise still has a long way to go if he wants to get drafted.

It may not have much to do with his skill but everything to do with the fact that he has his height and lack of exposure hurting him. Becuase of his height, Wise has to be much better than those that he is competing with to get drafted and at this point, we have not heard anything to suggest that he has.

What we have heard, is plenty of reasons for him to come back. He would be playing for a coach that would arguably help him more than any coach he has had at this level. Miller knows what it takes to be a successful point guard and would likely put Wise in a position to have that success.

Wise would be part of a team playing in a weak conference and would have the freedom to score at a level that would give him national attention.

The level of exposure would be high and should Wise have a good season, it is definitely a stronger possibility that he would get drafted. At this point the decision seems easy, but it remains to be seen if Wise sees it the same way.

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