Arizona prospects at Pangos: Part Two

Arizona had plenty of prospects in action at Pangos and here is a breakdown

Arizona had plenty of prospects in action at Pangos and here is a breakdown:

Anthony Brown: One of the first things that sticks out about Brown is that he needs to gain weight. However, he definitely has the frame to do so. Brown is a very fluid player and seems very comfortable on the court. He can hit the jumper and is more of a complimentary player than a star, which definitely is not a bad thing, but made it difficult to truly evaluate him in this setting.

Doron Lamb: There are not many players in the country that are better scorers than Lamb. He may not dominate a game but before you know it, he has 30 points. He is the type of player you can go to in the clutch and we feel that the college that gets him is going to get a scorer for a year or two before he goes to the league.

Shabazz Muhammad: From all indication, it is difficult to believe that he is 2012. He is physically mature and can do things that guys older than him have no chance of doing. We expect him to be a top ten player, if not higher and Arizona should pursue him as such.

Trevor Releford: He is a bit difficult to figure out because he is more of a solid point guard than superstar. Still, he is very consistent and you can see a guy like Sean Miller liking his game. Releford can get to the basket, but often defers to his teammates instead.

There is a good chance that you will hear much more about these prospects throughout the summer, many of which will eventually be offered.

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