Game Talk: Arizona 79, Washington 61

Maybe it's simply the comfort of playing at home, but once again the Wildcats came out of the gate at a snail's pace and allowed the Washington Huskies to stay in the game longer than expected. After the game, Lute Olson was not pleased with his team's lack of effort but he is happy about being 4-0 in the Pac-10 Conference.

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Lute Olson

The last couple of games the Wildcats have gotten off to a slow start. Did you talk to the team about that at halftime again today?
"We can't talk anymore about that. It's just their job to get it done. We had some turnovers early. Luke had a couple right off. He had gotten to the point where his assist-to-turnover ratio was really good. Now all of a sudden since he's come back from his injury it's not been good at all. I think we come out, especially in Luke's case, he comes out trying to do too much too early. We just need to let things happen."

Are you at all concerned about the team playing down to the competition?
"Well we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball and then Ricky got in foul trouble right away. Ricky can add a lot to us, but you can't do that if you're on the bench. He played what six minutes in the first half I think."

Your team had 14 steals and caused 22 turnovers. How were you able to accomplish that?
"I don't know how many of those turned into fast break points but I know there had to be a bunch of them. When we extended (our defense) out and got the big lead it was a result of forcing turnovers and converting them."

Were you pleased with your team having only sixteen turnovers?
"We still have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. I think seven of our sixteen turnovers were offensive fouls. At least seven (turnovers) and five of those were in the first half and we can't do that."

On the team's offensive rebounding
"Our offensive board work is not good. We're not anticipating well and we need to get that straightened out."

Are you trying to get Salim Stoudamire extended time at the point?
"Yes, and he really did a nice job at the point too. He took good care of the ball and drew fouls and he knocked free throw down. We had been in some trouble early in the second half. When we're in a one-and-one then I think it's even more important that Salim handle the ball. He was 8-8 from the line. As good as he was, we were not very good elsewhere."

On Andre Iguodala guarding Doug Wrenn
"When we put (Andre) in, Wrenn had already hit seven of his points and Andre really, really gave him problems. Andre is so long. Most everything that (Wrenn) does he does it off the dribble. The first couple of times he put it down against Andre, Andre just took it right away from him. You just don't realize how long (Andre) is until he defends you."

Why do you think Andre was so effective tonight?
"I thought Andre's practice Friday was the best practice that he's had all year long in terms of concentration and taking care of the ball. His shooting has really come on in the practice situation, so I think you're going to see that happen in games too."

Are you happy with your record right now?
"We're 4-0 (in the Pac-10) and we're only lost one game and we'll get better." 

On Dennis Latimore
I thought Dennis Latimore played great for us off the bench. It was nice to see that out of Dennis. He was not only 3-4 from the field but he had six boards in sixteen minutes. I thought he did a nice job.

Jason Gardner on the play of Salim Stoudamire
Salim is a great shooter. Earlier (in the season Salim) was banged up and now he's getting his strength back. He got it going tonight.

What's with you guys and the slow start?
Coach Olson talks about (getting off to a good start). I really don't know what it is.

Are you guys getting comfortable with Lute's substitution patern?
I think the biggest thing is we try to wear (the other team) down by rotating guys in and out on the defensive end and offensive end. He just wants to wear the other team down.

Why has the team backed off using the press?
With the injuries that we've had and guys being hurt, it's hard for us to get into it. I think next week (against USC and UCLA) you might see a lot more of that.

Ricky Anderson
I thought (Washington) came in here with a lot of fire. But the biggest thing was it's our homecourt and we hit some shots and they didn't.

Why the slow start?
We just didn't come out ready to play. Things happen like that. We gave it our best effort, but a lot of shots weren't falling.

Channing Frye
We need to get out there and jump on people and coach really emphasized that this week. I think it's just one of those mental things we need to do to get up for the games. We need to start doing that more. With better teams we need to jump on them real quick.

Washington Huskies freshman guard Nate Robinson
What makes it so tough to play in McKale Center?
The fans and the atmosphere, everybody is real loud and supportive of the team.

Was it the Huskies game plan to run with the Wildcats?
We wanted to match basket for basket and get as many shots as we could. We definitely wanted to run them. We just struggled and they pulled away.

What makes Arizona such a good team?
Arizona has a great coach and they have great players. They have players that share the ball with everybody. I've not seen that before. They were all playing together and had smiles on their faces. They were having fun.

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