Pac-10 up for grabs

The Pac-10 is the weakest it has been in quite some time and Arizona could be ready to take advantage of it.

When you think of Pac-10 football, you think of USC and rightfully so. The Trojans should once again be the favorites, but the conference is pretty open after that.

Many have Cal pegged as the favorite after SC, but it is hard for us to see it. Sure, Jahvid Best is amazing, but after that the offense is a bit interesting. It happened last year with the weakness of the passing game and there is not much reason to think that it will not happen during the upcoming season.

Oregon should be solid, but Arizona has always been able to keep up with the Ducks while under Stoops. Oregon tends to struggle against the more talented teams in the conference and there is little reason to believe it will not happen again.

Basically, Arizona is in the same place that the other teams in the conference are. If the UA can get consistent play at quarterback, it should be right in the thick of things.

If Arizona can fill a hole or two and have some question marks go in a positive way, it is not impossible to believe the UA can finish top three in the conference. Obviously it is easier said than done, but it should be interesting to see how Arizona and the rest of the conference responds to the race being so open.

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