Arizona Football Camp notes: Part I

Arizona had its camp this weekend and there were plenty of players that stood out

Arizona had its camp this weekend and there were plenty of players that stood out

Keanu Nelson: The Tucson Sabino athlete was extremely impressive on offense. He was consistently beating his man either with his speed or moves.

It is easy to see why Nelson is so highly regarded and we expect Arizona to recruit him evn harder now.

Mickey Baucus: Baucus was easily the best lineman in attendance and we almost feel bad that he could not see better competition. When he did go up against anybody legitimate, it was basically a joke, as he was light years better than his opponents.

Baucus needs to put on some weight and when he does, we expect that he will contribute significantly down the road.

Jourdan Grandon: We also felt bad for Grandon because his team is not very good. We would have liked to see him at the skills camp, but settled for the passing camp instead.

As a corner, he moves very well and has good instincts. He definitely needs to gain some weight, but it is apparent that he is good enough skill wise to have gotten an offer.

Kyle Benson: We can see why Tim Kish offered Benson. He has great size already and good range. He looked strong in pass coverage but just as strong in rushing the passer. In other words,we see Benson likely contributing early on in his career at Arizona.

Michael Gilmore: He may be too small to play legitimate college ball, but he is intriguing. Gilmore has the speed to make him dangerous and the first thing you think of when you see him is Mike Thomas.

That is not to say he is as good as Thomas, but that is the role he would likely fill. We like Gilmore, but he may be too small in order to play at a high level. Still, it would not surprise us if he was worth the risk.

There were many more in attendance and there will be updates throughout the week.

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