Second weekend brings talent

Arizona held its second weekend of camps and there were numerous names that stuck out.

Arizona held its second weekend of camps and there were numerous names that stuck out.

Svondo Bradley: Bradley was probably the most impressive lineman we saw both weekends. He can play defensive tackle, though he is probably more of an end right now. Once he gains weight, a college is going to be very happy with him at tackle because of his explosiveness and the fact that he already has good technique.

We would not be surprised to see Bradley get an offer from Arizona, but the UA will likely look at other options before doing so.

Tyler Sulka: Sulka was one of the more impressive offensive lineman, but likely not good enough to get an offer. He has good footwork, but is still probably a bit too slow laterally. He is definitely one to watch and it will be interesting to see if a Pac-10 team bites on the offer.

De'Shawn Beck: Beck was extremely fast and probably one of the faster players of both weekends. He claims an offer from Arizona and it is easy to see why, as most defenders could not cover him. We actually could see him as a running back, but his hands are good enough to put in the slot and have him succeed there.

Arizona is his leader and the Cal offer is a bit mysterious. The big question with him is grades and if he gets those cleared up, we expect his recruitment to take off.

Dorion Grant: Grant was one of our favorite players in attendance. He can play both running back and corner. He has great speed, is confident in his abilities, and will be recruited highly.

Arizona probably leads for him but we figure he will be tough to get out of the Big 10. You may not know his name now, but you definitely will later.

Roland Veal: Veal has great size, but he may be a little overrated. He did not seem to be into it at time and was getting beaten consistently at one point.

We definitely think he has the potential to succeed, but it would have been nice to see him put forth his full effort in order to see how good he really is.

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