What could have been

This is the end all article. This is what could have happened if Tim Floyd was named Arizona's coach

Imagine if Tim Floyd had been named Arizona's coach. Imagine Sean Miller at Xavier and the UA in the position that SC is at now. Here is a list of things that would have gone as UA fans keep in mind just how lucky they are:

1. Floyd resigns: After the allegations that come out, Floyd still decides to resign. Yes, he probably could have avoided it better at Arizona. However, the point of resigning was to beat the NCAA to the punch and chances are that he would have done the same thing again.

Imagine a coaching search in July and the prospects Arizona would have looked at. It is almost a guarantee that Jim Boylen would have been head coach- the same Jim Boylen that Russ Pennell outcoached in the tournament.

2. No recruiting class: Solomon Hill wanted away from SC due in large part to Tim Floyd. If Floyd comes to Arizona, Hill likely stays where he is and is happy doing do. The momentum for the 2009 class never materializes and Arizona is left with absolutely no recruiting class.

3. No Nic Wise: With no recruiting class, Wise is forced to go to Europe. He sees no point in staying at Arizona because of the talent around him. Instead of choosing to do everything himself, he figures Europe is the better option and he is right.

Wise is the most important piece that Sean Miller has brought to Arizona and Floyd certainly would not have been able to do the same.

4. The NCAA picks up its investigation: Arizona is already being looked at by the NCAA and should Floyd have come to Tucson, a full blown investigation likely would have occured.

Instead of being the classy program that Lute Olson built, it would have started to build the exact opposite tradition.

5. Jim Livengood is fired: Well, maybe it's not all bad.

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