Winning in-state recruiting battle overrated

Each year much is made out of the fact that the UA may not recruit the state as hard as Arizona State, but history shows it is not a big deal at all.

The state rankings for 2010 came out on Tuesday, which means that the discussions surrounding recruiting will once again start up.

First off, let me start off my saying that I do not think Arizona should be ignored all together. Instead, the main point being made here is that the Wildcats should recruit prospects, not areas.

Take a look at Sabino's Keanu Nelson, for instance. Even if he was in Texas, Arizona should recruit him because he is that good of an athlete. Sure, it is nice that he is from Tucson, but that is not even close to being the main reason the UA should recruit him.

If we look at 2008, we see that ASU took a decent amount of players within the state. However, a closer look also reveals a list of players that likely will not contribute at a high level any time soon.

Are those scholarships worth more because the player is from Arizona?

Of course not, one would have you believe that it indeed is more notable because of that. In reality, it means little and you wonder if the player would have gotten an offer should he have been outside of Arizona.

Guys like Corey Adams should be recruited no matter where they are, so when it seems that a lot is made of the fact UA did not land him, the bigger sign is that he simply wanted to stay close to home. He is a big prospect no matter where he plays and, like Arizona has done, ASU did indeed get a top player.

However, landing a top player in Arizona is no different that the Wildcats landing a guy like Trevor Erno, considered to be one of the better linebackers in the west.

Every year much is made about nothing because at the end of the day, the UA coaching staff evaluates and offers based on skill level, not whether or not the athlete is in the state.

If the Wildcats do not keep players in Arizona at home so be it, because there are no extra points for doing so and there are not any major signs of it working out much for ASU.

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