What we have learned

Arizona has not had Sean Miller for long, but there are already some things that are pretty obvious.

Arizona has only had Sean Miller for a few months, but his impact is already remarkable. Here are some of the things we now know:

1. Recruiting is fun again: Lets be honest for a second: Arizona recruiting was not very fun under Kevin O Neill and Russ Pennell. The days of landing high caliber players were gone and it was a bit disappointing to see it all unfold.

Fast forward to Miller, and the UA has the best class in the Pac-10. It landed a legitimate big man and landed players that some of the biggest schools in the country wanted.

Miller is going to go up against any school at any time and have a very good chance of succeeding. The Wildcats are going to land some very good players under Miller and recruiting is now exciting to watch unfold.

2. Players are going to like Miller: Make no mistake about it, Nic Wise is not staying for many other coaches. However, he liked Miller enough to want to stay one more year because not only did he respect his knowledge, but also because he is a personable guy.

Some people say the best coaches are the meanest, but Miller's personality is going to make him a major hit with recruits and alumni, something that is obviously necessary to repair the reputation of Arizona.

Parents are going to want to send their children to play for Miller and coaches will not hesitate to send their players. Like recruiting, it should be fun cheering for a man that is likeable.

3. Arizona is going to compete: Obviously the extent to which this is true will not be decided until we see the team on the court, but it still seems apparent that the UA is going to be in the upper echelon of the conference.

Miller was successful at Xavier with lesser talent, so it seems obvious that he will be successful with a bit more as well.

The Wildcats may not win the conference every year, but it is not far fetched to expect a top two or three finish every season. In fact, it only makes sense when one considers the past success of this coaching staff.

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