The myth of Lance Stephenson

Now that Lance Stephenson is going to Cincinnati, the talk of him coming to Arizona can completely end.

Lance Stephenson going to Cincinnati is the best thing for Arizona fans. Trust me, you never wanted any part of this.

Yes, we know about all of the rumors that Arizona was recruiting him and whenever comebody with knowledge would say otherwise, another report would come out that says the UA coaching staff still had an eye on him.

The truth of the matter is that the coaching staff always realized that Stephenson is much more risk than reward.

The top schools around the country never even looked in his general direction because of the attitude that he and his father put off not only to the media, but to the schools considering him as well.

There is no denying that he has talent, but he screams ineligible almost to the extent that renardo Sidney does.

For a coach coming into a program such as Arizona's, with the responsibility of having to bring it to prominence, getting Lance Stephenson would have been a setback.

If there is one thing Lute Olson did, it was recruit classy player. Yes, there were some issues later on in his career, but that is when things started to move away from him a bit.

By skipping Stephenson, Miller showed that he is approaching rebuilding Arizona the right way and should have gained respect around the school.

Miller is likely to be successful at Arizona and there might be some risks taken, but the Stphenson situation was just too big of one.

So now that he is off to Cincinnati, the talk of him coming to Arizona should end.

Then again, in reality, it should have never started.

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