Wildcatscoop Arizona rankings 25-30

We will be rankings the top 30 prospects in Arizona throughout the week and here is a look at 25-30.

We will be rankings the top 30 prospects in Arizona throughout the week and here is a look at 25-30.

25. R.J. McGill: McGill may actually be one of the more underrated players in the state. He is capable of moving away from a tackle or going right through it.

We feel he is probably at his best in the slot or in the secondary and expect him to play for a legitimate D-I school. He will likely not get an in-state offer, but should do just fine for himself.

26. Anthony Hughes: Hughes is a bit small, which is not a surprise when you consider his relatives were as well.

Hughes is almost guaranteed to have a monster year behind that offensive line of his, but that does not mean he projects to be a stud in college as well.

We like Hughes when you take him in the context of the players he competes against, but not so much on a national level.

27. Chase Cartwright: he is probably the second best quarterback in the state because of his strong mechanics.

He has good arm strength when throwing short but it tends to weaken more than our liking once he has to throw the deep ball.

With that being said, we like his accuracy and think he can be a nice player should he choose a good fit for his skills.

28. Justin Rodriguez: Rodriguez is not a fantastic athlete, but is the type of receiver that runs crisp routes and has good hands.

From what we understand, he has some work to do in the classroom before getting major offers, but he should end up at a decent school should he get his grades up.

29. Tyree Parker: If Parker was faster, he would probably get more respect. However, as long as he lacks that breakaway speed, it will be hard to consider him a legitimate major college prospect.

Parker is quick laterally and has good vision, so we believe he will indeed play at the next level, just not at a high one.

30. William Poehls: Poehls lacks lateral speed, but has plenty of size. In a weak year in Arizona, he is likely one of the better offensive lineman.

He has potential, but his speed is going to be a major hurdle for him and there are easily a number of other players that could be in this spot.

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