Wildcatscoop Arizona rankings 13-18

We will be rankings the top 30 prospects in Arizona throughout the week and here is a look at 13-18.

13. Dylan Lusk: Lusk has been inconsistent on the camp circuit, although he was impressive at the Arizona camp.

We are not completely sure of his potential on the next level because of his body type, but we do like the effort he puts forward.

14. Austin Arias: We love him in the run game, but he needs to improve in his pass coverage.

Arias has deceptive speed and is great at getting from sideline to sideline, but needs work backing up and moving forward. Still, we like his potential for college.

15. Blair Tushaus: He is easily the best offensive center in the state. He has good footwork and is among the smarter players in the state.

When evaluating players like him, you feel comfortable about him in college because he has the smarts and technique to succeed.

16. Cy Maughmer: We like him at defensive tackle because of his toughness. It would not surprise us to see him on the offensive line because of the same characteristic and the fact that he is good with his hands.

It will be interesting to see if his toughness and physicality translates well to the next level.

17. Ramon Abreu: Abreu is a natural football player, but he does not have any one skill that jumps off the charts.

We like his potential, but he lacks size and does not have a trus position.

18. Tyeler Davison: Davison has been impressive on the camp circuit. He has a great motor and despite his lack of height, seems to be tougher than most of his opposition.

It would not surprise us if he wound up getting an instate offer and moving up this list by the time the season is over.

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