Wildcatscoop Arizona Rankings 8-12

Wildcatscoop continues ranking the best players oin the state with 8-12.

Wildcatscoop continues ranking the best players oin the state with 8-12.

8. Josh Robbins: We expect this Tucson Canyon del Oro athlete to get more offers as his season progresses.

Oregon State and Arizona have offered, among others, due to the fact that Robbins is one of the more versatile players in the state.

We love his athleticism and think he can contribute earlier than other prospects in the state because, physically, he is mature.

9. Josh Fulton: Some may have Fulton higher, but there are some rather large question marks.

He seems like a possession receiver on the next level because of a lack of speed and we are not sure how much we like him as a tight end because of his strength.

Still, his potential is very high because he can do things other players of his size simply cannot do.

We suspect Arizona State will try to get him involved as much as possible, so it will be interesting to see what type of player he is at the next level.

10. Taylor Walstad: Walstad is physically ready to play and has good speed to back it up. We expect him to be an every down type of back, as he can certainly handle it.

Walstad will certainly be used out of the backfield as a receiver and he is one of the more complete players in the state.

11. Jourdan Grandon: He is definitely a good athlete, but he does not have a true position.

Our guess is that he will wind up on defense at the next level and likely be successful there because he is a well rounded player.

The school that Grandon picks will likely redshirt him because he needs to gain weight, but the potential is very high here.

12. Jordan McDonald: He is the type of player that could move up now that he will have consistent playing time for the first time.

He needs to add some weight, which should not be a problem and he is a bit raw, but the potential to be dominant is present.

Our guess is that a number of schools will decide to take somewhat of a risk on him once his tape is seen this season.

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