Wildcatscoop Arizona rankings 1-6

We have spent a week compiling our state rankings and they now come to a close with 1-6.

1. Marquis Flowers: This really is not very close, as Flowers is able to succeed at a handful of positions.

He has the speed and strength to play linebacker or safety and then if you want, you can put him in the slot and watch him dominate there.

There are no sure things in football recruiting, but Flowers is easily the closest thing to it this class has to offer.

2. Keanu Nelson: Nelson is likely to pick up an offer from USC later in the week and rightfully so, as he is one of the better athletes in the west.

We like Nelson on offense, as do most schools, due to the fact that he runs crisp routes and has great hands. He also has the ability to go up and get the ball in traffic.

Nelson is extremely smart and has a good head on his shoulders, so you have to feel good about his chances on the next level.

3. Devon Carrington: He is rangy and has a fantastic ability of knowing where the ball is going to be.

Carrington is a deceptive athlete, but it is his brains that make him such a good player. He has great instincts and uses them to close down on the offense at a strong rate.

Carrington is headed to Stanford and it is likely a good fit for him, as we expect him to play early.

4. Nick Rowland: Rowland is starting to gain more attention, and rightfully so.

He has the frame to put on even more weight, yet still has great footwork. In addition, he has the handwork to play with the best of them and if he goes to the right school, we expect him to play early.

Technically, he could stand to improve a bit more, but physically he already has the tools you need to be successful.

5. Kody Innes: He certainly needs to add some wegiht, but that should not be a problem down the road.

Ines has very good technique and will likely be more successful as a guard.

We don't see him being a star by any means, but he is the type of lineman that should be solid in a couple years.

6. Kyle Benson: Benson is another player that will likely be better longer down the road, but we love his potential.

He already has good speed and once he gains weight, he should be the full package.

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