New TV deal great for Arizona

Arizona's recent deal has faced much criticism, but at this point it is not warranted.

When Arizona announced its deal with IMG earlier in the week, it was met with anger immediately. Many people outside of Arizona feel as if it will not allow them to see all the games that they are used to seeing.

At this point, that anger seems quite unfounded. The details of the plan are a bit unknown, but as it stands right now, plenty of networks will have an opportunity to show Arizona games.

The absolute last resort would be that the new network would show a game or two should all of the other networks not pick them up. Last season, there were two games that were not televised and, at this point, it would seem as if it will be pretty similar this year.

While some people may find it harder to watch outside of the state, that may not necessarily be the case. In fact, unlike last year, there is a good chance that every single game will be able to be on television, including football.

Last year, two football games were not on television and, already, every single football game has some sort of coverage.

In addition, the school is going to make at least eight million dollars more a year. IMG is going to help with the football stadium upgrades that everybody has seemingly wanted for years.

The Richard Jefferson center, McKale, and other facilities will have more money for improvements. It is not too far fetched to say that the IMG deal will give the UA enough money for the student body as a whole to see improvements.

At the end of the day, college athletics has become a business. Arizona is now in the same position as a Texas, Florida, Ohio State, in that revenue will go up and it will be considered an elite media university.

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