Arizona predictions

With practice set to begin this week, here are our predictions for Arizona.

With practice set to begin this week, here are our predictions for Arizona.

Top offensive player: This one is obvious and we probably could have skipped it altogether because everybody is in agreement.

Rob Gronkowski is the best offensive player in the conference not named Jahvid Best and this should be the year that he finally gets the amount of national respect that he deserves.

Gronkowski will be aksed to help a new quarterback get acclimated with real time football and because of that, we could see his number of catches this season being something extraordinary.

Top offensive breakout player: Dealshaun Dean. You could pick keola Antolin or any of the receivers, but Dean is one of the more underrated players in the conference.

Last season, Dean finished with 53 receptions for 593 yards and now that Mike Thomas is gone, we would assume those numbers would go up, resulting in him being a first or second All Pac-10 selection.

Top defensive player: Cam Nelson. There is a reason why he was at the Pac-10 media day. Brooks Reed is right there with him, as are a handful of others, but we think the importance of Nelson is huge.

Nelson wants the role of a leader, which is obviously important and in order to be a leader, he is going to have to be vocal and prove his worth on the field as well.

Top defensive breakout: Jonathan Hollins. Maybe it is not so much a break out because this will be his first year on the team, but Hollins is going to be a big time player.

With Arizona's depth at defensive tackle, Hollins is still good enough to make an impact and there is a solid chance he will start. Figuring he is as good as advertised, Hollins is going to make Arizona's defensive line dangerous.

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