Three in the hunt for Williams

Derrick Williams is a 6-0, 205 pound running back from Bellflower, California's St. John Bosco, who knows what it is like to be involved in turning around a program. Prior to the 2002 season, his team had been struggling, "but we really turned it around this year, going 9-3 and winning our league," Williams told Cat Tracks on Sunday after his return from a recruiting visit to UCLA.

"We came in last in the league the last two years before this season so this year was a real turning point." Derrick Williams also talked to Cat Tracks about how he views all three of the final three schools he is considering.

CAT TRACKS: You just got back from UCLA, so what did you do on your visit to Westwood?
DERRICK WILLIAMS: We just toured the campus and met the coaches. I got to go to a basketball game.

CT: Who did you see play?
DW: Actually, it was Arizona.

CT: So I've got to ask, who did you root for in the game?
DW: Actually I wasn't really rooting for anybody but I have a friend who plays for Arizona?

CT: Oh yeah, who's that?
DW: Hassan Adams. We used to play basketball together a long time ago.

CT: Do you have the same kind of hops as Hassan?
DW: No, not quite like Hassan.

CT: When you visited the UofA, did you get to see him?
DW: Yeah, I got to see him for a little while the day before his game while we were touring the training facility.

CT: Do you play basketball for St. John Bosco?
DW: I don't play basketball any more, but I still play baseball.

CT: Did you talk to the coaches at Arizona about playing baseball?
DW: Yeah, they said they were fine with it as long as I don't miss any football. I got to talk to Coach (Andy) Lopez about playing baseball when I visited Arizona.

CT: Did you get to meet very many players on your visit to Arizona?
DW: I got to meet some of them, but a lot of them weren't on campus because they were still out of school. I got to meet the quarterback, Ryan O'Hara, and my host was Mike Bell. It was cool.

CT: What else did you do on your visit to Arizona?
DW: We toured the campus and I went with Mike Bell and we had lunch at Coach Mackovic's house. Then we got to watch the basketball game against Washington.

CT: Do you know what you want to major in?
DW: I am thinking about journalism.

CT: Have you followed Arizona football pretty closely?
DW: I haven't followed them that much. I've just been interested in the program for a while and the school and they've been recruiting me for a long time.

CT: What coach is recruiting you?
DW: Coach Bernstein.

CT: So you are down to three schools now. Are they all even?
DW: Yes, California, UCLA and Arizona. I would say they are all even right now.

CT: Tell me what you like best about each school.
DW: At California I would say the coaches are real cool. Coach Tedford has shown that he is really turning that program around. At UCLA, I would say its the coaches too. I got to meet Coach Dorrell and he is really a good guy; plus there is the close to home thing. It's not going to be a major factor but it is a consideration. At Arizona, I would still say it's the coaches, plus the opportunity for early playing time.

CT: Will you make the decision, or is it something you'll talk over very carefully with your family?
DW: Basically, it's my decision. I just haven't had time to think hard about it. After this weekend, I just have to sit down and think about it and that's what I'm going to do this week. It will come to me in a day or two, or maybe this week.

CT: What did Hassan say to you?
DW: He told me to come on down. He really likes it.

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