Tuesday Practice Report

Tuesday was the first day for some seperation between the quarterbacks.

Up until Tuesday, both Nick Foles and Matt Scott had been equal.

However, Tuesday's performance by Scott may have given him a leg up. Although the throwing numbers were close, Scott's mobility was very impressive, as he had numerous double digit gains due to his legs.

Speaking of gains on the ground, Keola Antolin led the way with 46 yards on five carries. Nicolas Grigsby may have a good hold on the starter spot, but Antolin is going to be right there is he slips up.

With many eyes on the offense, it was once again the defense that shined, however. Brooks Reed continued his pace of at least one sack per game and should it carry over to the season, you have to believe he will be one of the better ends in the conference.

With practice entering a new phase, Mike Stoops says that he has a good idea of who the starters will be.

"Well we're still a little more than three weeks away from our first game, so in that respect we have some time," he said.

< "We have a pretty good idea of who will be in most spots in each position. We just want to continue to see everyone strive for competition." The team will now travel to Fort Huachuca, a place that Stoops says benefitted the team last year.

"Going down to Fort Huachuca was extremely beneficial for our team last season," he said.

"To get an opportunity to see what sacrifices they have made for our country is outstanding not only for the players, but for us as coaches as well. To really understand their sacrifices and learn a sense of leadership will really help our team again this year."

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