Quarterback position undecided

The quarterback position is still undecided with no end in sight.

With the season rapidly approaching, the biggest question surrounding the team is whether the starting quarterback will be Nick Foles or Matt Scott.

At this point in time, Arizona coach Mike Stoops will not reveal whether or not one quarterback at taken a step above the other.

On one hand, Foles seems to be throwing a better deep ball. Obviously, this is an important aspect of the offense and the better that the UA can work vertically, the more dangerous the offense is going to be.

On the other hand, Scott gives the offense a different look. Not only will the opposition have to worry about the spread offense, but it will have to worry about getting too thin and having to watch Scott take off.

Either way, the coaching staff completely believes that the offense will be successful. Both players seem ready to step in and contribute right away, although it seems logical that there will be a growing pain or two.

One thing that not many people are talking about is the role of offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes. Dykes is one of the better offensive minds in the country and smart money would say that his QB will be prepared.

If Dykes can have Arizona averaging 36 points per game last season, there is little reason to think that he will not be able to get consistent quarterback play out of one of Foles or Scott.

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