Ingraham chooses a school

He was born in Tucson and both of his parents are Arizona grads, but would Kyle Ingraham choose to be a Wildcat? The 6-9 receiver visited Tucson, but went on a visit to Purdue. He calls Tucson his, "home away from home" but loved the offense and academics at Purdue. Wildcat or Boilermaker, which would he choose?

"I committed to Purdue," Kyle Ingraham informed Cat Tracks. "I did it today."

It was not an easy choice for Ingraham. He was born in Tucson and his father played for John Mackovic at Arizona. Although his parents favored Arizona, they left the decision up to him. Kyle and his parents discussed it for over six hours before he decided to commit to Purdue. "It was a very hard decision," Ingraham said. "I had to talk it over with them for six hours. Tucson is my home away from home but I couldn't ignore their academic and football success. They've had six straight winning seasons and have been to six straight bowl games."

Ingraham said his parents did not pressure him to be a Wildcat, even though both were athletes at Arizona.

"They also had a tough time with the decision. They had reasons for both schools as well, but in the end they left it up to me."

Although Arizona likes to pass, it was Purdue's pass happy offense that contributed heavily to his decision.

"Actually I was really taken to their offense," Ingraham said. "They throw first and run second."

He wants to do something with math in college and Purdue's excellent academic programs were an additional lure to the 6-9 receiver.

"The school has great academics," Ingraham said. "That was a huge part of my decision."

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