Offense or Defense?

Thus far, the offense has struggled and the defense has been impressive

It seems that this question comes up every summer camp.

Is the offense struggling or the defense really that good?

So far, the quarterback situation is not close to a resolution. Nick Foles and Matt Scott have both had their moments, but it has not been anything that has given fans a reason to be optimistic.

In addition, every practice report has brought news of a dominating performance by a defensive lineman.

Does that mean the offensive line is not playing well, or that the defensive line is going to be a strength?

Well, it depends who you ask.

On one side of the equation, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Brooks Reed is going to have a monster season.

He was one of the better ends in the conference last season and has now had a full year to get bigger, stronger, and more experienced.

On the other side of the equation, the offensive line has some new player. It is going to take some time to gel and some early troubles are not unheard of.

The guess here is that the answer to the problem is that it is too early to tell. The offensive line is going to be a strong unit and it seems hard to believe that it will have a ton of trouble.

In addition, Sonny Dykes is too good of an offensive coordinator to let the offense struggle.

There may be some growing pains, but Arizona recruited these players for a reason and the coaching staff certainly has confidence in them.

It may be difficult to take a wait and see approach with the team, but that is exactly what is going to need to happen in order to truly understand the progress that this team has or has not made.

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