Who should it be?

Arizona is expected to name a quarterback in the next day or so and we weigh on on who we think should be the starter.

Arizona is expected to name a starting quarterback in the next day or so and it seems that everybody that follows Arizona football has their own opinion.

After seeing numerous practices, it seemed as if Matt Scott was the clear leader. The offense seemed to be a little smoother with him at the helm and a bit more dynamic as well.

However, Saturday's scrimmage may have changed everything. Scott got frustrated and was seen yelling at his receivers for their mistakes. In addition, he was completely out of rhythm and struggled the entire night.

On the other hand, Nick Foles was calm and collected. He made most of thge necessary throws and led Arizona on its two scoring drives. The fans in attendance, most of which were not at practices, saw a quarterback that they felt was a better fit for the Wildcats.

From what we have seen, however, that may not necessarily be the case. Foles definitely played better on Saturday, but if Scott does not have five dropped passes, the competition is much closer.

From watching weeks of practice, it would seem that Scott is probably the better choice at this point.

For one, like we stated earlier, he adds a different element to the offense. The zone reads works much better with Scott because the defense has to respect Scott keeping the ball more than it would have to respect Foles.

In addition, the lanes would be much more open with Rob Gronkowski back. If a linebacker has to drop in coverage in order to cover Gronk, Scott is going to have much more room to manuever.

Both quarterbacks are likely able to succeed with Sonny Dykes putting them in the best position possible to do so.

Foles has plenty of talent and his own strengths, but Scott allows Dykes to be even more creative, which is a scary thought for opposing teams.

While we expect Scott to be named starter this week, it definitely would not be surprising to see both get action early in the season.

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