5 things to look out for

With the season opener only days away, here is what to keep an eye on

With the season opener only days away, here is what to keep an eye on.

1: Dan LeFevour: This is not a case of a quarterback getting respect that he probably does not deserve. Instead, LeFevour is a future NFL signal caller and one in which the UA needs to be very worried about.

If his ability to throw was not enough, LeFevour can create with his legs as well and Arizona better have a good gameplan or it is going to suffer.

2: The quarterback race on Arizona is one of the more intriguing in the country. If Nick Foles wins the job, Matt Scott will likely transfer and it will have a domino effect of sorts.

If Scott wins the job, it will be because he is good enough to be quarterback for the next three years. In other words, UA fans should certainly want Scott to win the job in order to have the best outlook for the future.

3: Central Michigan's defense was terrible last season. The secondary was one of the five worst in the nation and the Chippewas struggled to pull away because of defensive problems.

However, that defense is not more experienced and it will be interesting to see if that translates into it being better. If not, CMU is going to have major difficulty winning.

4: No Rob Gronkowski is a major deal for Arizona, especially when it is breaking in a new quarterback.

Will Sonny Dykes give more responsibility to AJ Simmons? Or will he choose to simply ignore the tight end position all together and make some changes to the offense?

5: Special teams are going to play a major role in this game. Alex Zendejas is struggling, but all would be forgotten with success during actual games.

For CMU, Antonio Brown is very good and a player that the Wildcats are going to have to worry about all game.

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