Quarterback decision needed

Mike Stoops claims that Nick Foles will get a chance to play, but should he?

Coming into the weekly press conference, the question was inevitable.

Was Matt Scott the full time starter?

It would have made sense if Mike Stoops said yes. After all, Scott showed potential and led the Wildcats to a win.

Instead of saying yes, Stoops left it open ended.

"We had every intention of playing Nick," Stoops said. "The situation never really presented itself in a comfortable place and we didn't want to put Nick into an uncomfortable position. We just didn't want to put Nick in there cold in that tough environment."

Offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes sounded similar in that the intention was to indeed play Foles.

"With the way the game played out Saturday, we felt like we were trying to get into a rhythm offensively, but we never really did," Dykes said. "We felt like we needed to give Matt more reps to be able to get into that rhythm and settle down a bit. We knew he was better than what he showed in the first half."

"We felt like it was best to just stick with him all night and let him go play. We felt like he gave us the best chance to hit our stride offensively. I wish we would have played Nick, but I think because of the way the game played out, we were wise doing what we did."

Indeed it was wise. In fact, it would be wise to keep Scott as the starter.

What happens if Foles comes in and does well against NAU? Is Arizona going to move forward with two quarterbacks for the entire season? Will it prove that Foles is capable despite the fact that it is against such a lower tier team?

The team needs to be behind one quarterback because if Foles comes in and plays well in a series or two, including focusing on a specific receiver, obviously that receiver is going to want Foles.

The QB situation is asking for unrest among the team and at this point Scott should be the signal caller until his performance says otherwise. Arizona won the game and in sports, the belief that if it is not broke, don't fix it, seems to work well more often than not.

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