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Arizona is set to take on NAU on Saturday and here are the five keys

Arizona is set to take on NAU on Saturday and here are the five keys

1. Get Scott established early: In order for Scott to be comfortable, he needs to get confidence early.

in order to do so, it would not be a surprise to see him running the ball early in the game. By , running the ball early, NAU will have to respect it and thus, the passing lanes will be more open.

2. Create turnovers: With this being NAU's first game of the season, it is inevitable that there is going to be some sloppy play.

The Wildcats needs to make sure that they take advantage of it because the ideal situation is that the game is over early. If it is close late, it certainly will not be a good sign for numerous reasons.

3. Stay healthy:> It may sound silly to some because that should be a goal every game, but next week's Iowa game is going to be huge.

Considering that Arizona should be able to beat NAU somewhat easily, the bench players should be in earlier than other games. Arizona needs to make sure it is at full strength for what should be a tough game next week.

4. Have better kickoffs: For as good as Alex Zendejas was at kicking field goals, he was terrible kicking off the ball.

The Wildcats simply cannot afford to give the opposition that kind of field position no matter how strong the defense is and the UA needs to be careful that the opposition is not consistently getting great field position.

5. Better red zone efficiency: Yes, Arizona was able to hit field goals in the red zone, but it needs to turn those into touchdowns.

If the UA is going to beat better teams, it needs to be able to take advantage of the scoring opportunities it creates.

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