Five keys to winning

Arizona travels to Iowa on Saturday and here are the five keys to winning

Arizona travels to Iowa on Saturday and here are the five keys to winning.

1. Throw the ball: Much has been made of Arizona's run game, but if it is going to win, it will likely be because of the success of the passing game.

It will be interesting to see if offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes chooses to come out throwing the ball in order to put Iowa on its heals and mix things up.

No matter what Dykes chooses to do, Arizona is going to have to throw the ball in order to come up with a win.

2. Force Stanzi to throw bad passes: Iowa's quarterback has a tendency to make some bad throws under pressure, thus Arizona needs to make things difficult for him.

Stanzi has not played well in the first half this season and if Arizona can get momentum and a lead going into halftime, the Wildcats are going to be in good shape.

3. Get sacks: Brooks Reed has yet to get a sack and that really has to change in this game.

If Arizona does not force pressure, it is going to be difficult to consistently stop the offense. Pressure on the quarterback and in the back field always changes the dynamics of a game and the UA would like to see that first hand.

4. Be creative:We have heard plenty about Arizona not showing much of the offense so far this season, so Saturday is the time to let it all hang out.

Whether it is revereses or trick plays, Arizona needs to leave no stone unturned as it tries to start the season 3-0 and attempts to create momentum going into the conference opener.

5. Put Scott into comfortable situations: Matt Scott is going into an extremely hostile situation and the coaching staff needs to make sure that it outs him into the best situation possible.

If Scott can become comfortable, his confidence will rise and he becomes all that much more dangerous to Iowa.

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