Shakur looks forward to future teammates

Mustafa Shakur is continuing his strong play for Friends' Central High School in Philadelphia, and is developing on schedule for his arrival in Tucson next fall. The 6-3 point guard has been doing it all on the floor, leading his inexperienced team to 3 straight wins and a 11-8 record.

Nine players on the Friends' Central team are either transfers or call-ups from the Junior Varsity squad, but Shakur indicated that the team is finally coming together as a cohesive unit.

"Guys are starting to pick it up and understand their roles," Shakur said.

Like many teams with a superstar player, the role of many of his teammates is to simply get out of Shakur's way. The phenomenal point guard is blowing up every statistical category, averaging roughly 26 points per game along with 8 rebounds, and around six assists. Shakur, however, does not seem phased by the pressure of being the heart of his team.

"Every game I have to carry a load," He said. "It doesn't bother me though."

Mustafa's role of being the primary threat on a team will be drastically changed next year when he suits up for Arizona. He will be in a three guard battle with Chris Rodgers and Salim Stoudamire for time at the point and is constantly working to improve his game to be able to compete for minutes. Even if Shakur wins the starting point guard job, he won't be called upon to take up the scoring load. At Arizona he will be a pass-first point guard, at least early on. Of course that doesn't mean he won't need to score as well.

"I want to become more of a fluid shooter behind the three " Shakur said. "I'm pretty good midrange, but I want to get better on my three point shot. I also need to gain weight."

It is going to be tough for Shakur to pack on pounds until he gets to Arizona. He lives almost an hour and a half away from his school, and he battles to balance school, basketball, and weightlifting.

"I try to lift twice a week, but its kind of tough during the season because I'm not able to get to the gym as much…because I live so far away from school, I'm not able to lift weights before practice and do certain things." Shakur said. "I just try to keep my game in shape."

Shakur works very hard to maintain his level of play, and is excited to share his game with his future Arizona teammates, who he watches whenever he can. The fast paced, up-and-down game that the Wildcats play is "the way that I love to play," Shakur said. He has been very impressed with the Cats' effort thus far this season, and will reap the benefit of playing with ball players who can get to the hole and complete the play when he arrives in Tucson.

"Everyone (on the team) plays hard," Shakur said. "I got to play with them (Adams and Igouodala) on my visit and I really enjoyed playing with them because they finish very well. They'll definitely be fun to play with."

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