Berryman back from Tucson

A lot of football fans in Wildcat Country have been anxiously awaiting an update on the visit of Houston Kashemere DE-LB Jason Berryman, 6-3, 220, who drove with his parents all the way to Tucson from Houston. Cat Tracks caught up with Jason Monday evening, although our call may have been interrupted briefly by a call from Arizona recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello. Jason spoke enthusiastically about his visit to Tucson, and how he would arrive at his decision on a school.

Cat Tracks: Jason, have you ever been to Tucson before?
Jason Berryman: No, this is my first time.

CT: Was it what you expected?
JB: It was more than what I expected. It was lovely, the weather was nice. I liked the campus; it kind of reminded me of California. I used to stay in California when I was little.

CT: When did you get to Tucson?
JB: We arrived there on Thursday night and we had two full days to enjoy the campus and the environment.

CT: Now, you drove over with your family. How long did the drive take?
JB: It took sixteen hours to drive with all the stops and everything.

CT: Did you already know any of the guys on the team who are from Houston like Biren Ealy?
JB: No, I didn't before the visit but Biren Ealy was my host.

CT: What all did you do on the visit?
JB: They took us out to eat, and my host, Biren Ealy, took me to meet some other football players.

CT: Were there any other recruits that you met?
JB: There was a tight end, I believe he was from Dallas. And, there was another, I believe he was a defensive end. There weren't that many recruits on campus.

CT: Did you get to watch the Wildcats' basketball game on television while you were there?
JB: We got to see it every now and again. But everybody talked about it. They came from 20 points down to win big.

CT: Do you play any other sports?
JB: I run track. I run the 4 x 100 relay, and the 200; the 400, and the 4 by 400 relay.

CT: What's your best time in the 200 meters?
JB: My best time is 21.9

CT: Jason, what do you run the forty yard dash in?
JB: My forty was 4.5, but it probably dropped down by the end of senior year.

CT: Now did you play outside linebacker or defensive end?
JB: This year I played outside linebacker and I was also a defensive end. On first and third downs, I was at outside linebacker and on second and fourth downs I was a defensive end.

CT: What was your record this year?
JB: We were 8 and 3. We won our first eight and then lost our last three. In the playoff game, we lost in the first round.

CT: How did you do in that game?
JB: I had 25 tackles and two fumble recoveries, and one of those I caused myself, plus I had three sacks.

CT: Where is the UofA talking about playing you?
JB: They are talking about the outside. They call it the rover.

CT: How long have the Wildcats been recruiting you? What coach is recruiting you?
JB: Coach Rob Ianello is recruiting me. In fact, I just got off the phone with coach Ianello, he's coming up to see me tomorrow. They have been recruiting me since the end of our season.

CT: So on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your visit to Arizona?
JB: I would give it probably a ten. I had a pretty good time. It was quite nice, they had a lot of players from Houston. I probably only met half of them.

CT: Who else has been recruiting you?
JB: Iowa State, Kansas and SMU.

CT: When do you think you will make a decision on committing somewhere?
JB: My parents give me a lot of input. We sat down once and we have to sit down once again. They are more in to details like how good the academic program is, and how the environment for learning will be. I would say probably about Wednesday I'll know.

CT: Any other home visits?
JB: I think Iowa State is coming Wednesday, they talked to my dad.

CT: Did you get to go over to Coach Mack's house?
JB: Yes, it was nice. Coach Mack is real nice.

CT: So I take it you could see yourself being a Wildcat?
JB: Yeah, I could see myself being a Wildcat. It is going to be between Arizona and Iowa State.

CT: Now weren't you also looking at Pitt?
JB: Yes, but I don't think I'll be visiting any more. We should have a decision this week.

CT: You sound like you'll be glad to get it all over with?
JB: I am somewhat anxious to get it over with.

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