Five keys to winning

With Arizona set to face Oregon State, here are the keys to winning.

With Arizona set to face Oregon State, here are the keys to winning.

1. Let Foles looses: If Arizona is going to win the game, it has to try to. In other words, Sonny Dykes can't be conservative and needs to open up the offense to what he wants it to be.

Matt Scott did not allow him to do this because he lacked the skill, but Arizona needs to find out if Foles is capable of letting the Wildcats open things up.

2. Stop the run: Oregon State is going to run the ball close to 70 percent of its downs, thus Arizona needs to contain it if it is going to win the game.

If the Wildcats can hold Jacquizz Rodgers to a difficult 100 yards, the chances of winning go up dramatically. If not, it is hard to imagine the UA winning a game in which Oregon State is controlling the tempo.

3. Get to Canfield: Arizona needs to get to the quarterback, especially when you consider the OSU offensive line has been lacking. If Oregon State is going to run, so be it.

However, it definitely should not be able to pass. Arizona's secondary is much better than Oregon State's passing game and the Wildcats need to show that on Saturday.

4. Third down conversions: A play that probably does not get talked about enough is that third down at Iowa. If Arizona comes up with a stop, the game is likely very different.

Instead, Iowa controls the clock and the ball and the Wildcats are put into a bad place.

If the Wildcats consistently force third down situations, they need to make sure they go the next step and force the punt as well.

5. Take the crowd of it: Playing on the road can be difficult, but the UA can change that right away with a big play.

If the crowd is a little quieter, everything becomes easier.

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