Stoops reflects after win

Mike Stoops had an opportunity to speak about the big win over Oregon State.

Mike Stoops knows what the Pac-10 brings and although he was happy about Saturday's game, he reminded his team that it could have been on the opposite side of things.

"It's just one game, just like the Iowa loss was one loss, this is just one win," Stoops said. "I don't think anyone's jumping up and down or beating their chests. Obviously we have a lot of work to do here in the next two weeks in preparation for Washington.

"Our guys understand we need to be competitive and on point every week or you're going to get beat. And that's the kind of message that's been sent all through college football this year."

Of course, losaing becomes more likely when there are major injuries to be dealt with. However, Stoops expects the team to be healthy.

"Any time you get a running back that hurts his shoulder it's a concern, just because he gets hit or falls on it a great deal," Stoops said.

"It doesn't look too severe, I would think Nic would probably sit out this week, and probably be back to full strength sometime next week. It's sore, and it's going be sore, but I don't think it's going to limit him."

One player that certainly will not be limited is quarterback Nick Foles, who Stoops has had nothing but positive things to say about.

"I thought he played awfully well," Stoops said. "Looking at his first start on the road against a very good football team in Oregon State, I thought he handled things real well."

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