Adams wants the full forty

Hassan Adams may be new to the program, but he isn't spoiled by the success he's encountered in his first season. Despite the team's No. 1 ranking, he's not ready to rest on his laurels. He is fully aware that this team is not playing as well as they can. The hardworking Adams had some interesting things to say about how this team is faring.

The UA played an amazing final 25 minutes against Kansas, just one game after playing a great opening 24 minutes against ASU. They really haven't put together a full 40 minutes since the first game against Western Kentucky. That is clearly weighing on the minds of the Wildcats.

"We're worried about that, but it doesn't really matter," Hassan Adams said. "We have to play that 40 minutes. If we don't we could lose. Some game we're going to play that 40 minutes. We play that 40 minutes, we're going to be scary. Right now we can't get it but we're getting it done though. That's what really matters."

No one knows how the Wildcats will react to the big win over Kansas. Will it be the turning point of the season or will the Wildcats face a letdown?

Adams doesn't believe the team will do either. They are trying to ignore the press and the accolades and just play basketball.

"We're just playing our game," Adams said. "We're not really letting stuff get to us. We're not believing the hype. We're happy we're No. 1, but we have to play like the No. 1 team. If they want to put us No.1, we have to play like the No. 1 team. I think we've been doing that"

Stanford comes to town and although the game has lost some of the luster it used to have, Adams is not looking past the Cardinal for a shot at 20th ranked Cal.

"They are a pretty good team," Adams said of the Cardinal. "They are doing good in the Pac-10. With us we just have to play our game. If we play our game we'll be fine."

Adams was very impressed with the atmosphere in Lawrence. Although he took a recruiting trip to Kansas, he had never seen a game there. With one of the best crowds in years on display, the Wildcat freshman was very impressed with what he saw and heard.

"It's great. That's the kind of game we want to play in," Adams said. "Their fans were really rooting them on. That atmosphere was ridiculous, they were really cheering for Kansas."

Although Allen Fieldhouse was a great venue, Adams isn't ready to proclaim it the best he has played in. He feels he's already played in a great arena here in the Pac-10.

"I think it was just like Oregon, only bigger," Adams said of Allen Fieldhouse. "Their gym is bigger than Oregon's. If Oregon's gym was as big of theirs, they'd get fans just like that. Oregon is more compact, they are right on the court. That is kind of better in a way. They are right on the court, right in your face."

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