Arizona loses tough one

Arizona lost to Washington 36-33 in a game that will have many people talking.

Whether the nail in the coffin hit the ground or not will be something that Arizona fans will be talking about for a long time.

A replay shows the turf flying in the air when the Foles pass supposedly hit Delashaun Dean's foot and bounced to a Washington player, who scored the game-winning touchdown.

Talked about or not, Arizona still lost .

The Wildcats dominated nearly every aspect of Saturday's game but in typical Arizona fashion, could not find a way to win.

Nick Foles passed for nearly 400 yards and UW could not stop a play that the UA ran consistently.

It seemed like only a matter of time before Arizona would score on each drive and there was nothing Washington could do about it.

That was until the Huskies picked up on it.

It may have taken the whole game, but Washington realized what was coming and capitalized on it, forcing Foles into a difficult situation that it seemed he wanted no part of.

The sad part is that he didn't have to be in that situation.

In fact, he probably would not have been if not for the mistakes of Vuna Tuihalamaka or the questionable call of a pass on first down when all the UA needed to do was run out the clock.

It is hard to find one person to blame for this loss, although it is tempting to look at the defense and wonder where the effort, or at leas the success, was.

Still, the game was lost on so many levels that this one is tough to take.

At this point, there is one thing that will likely make the players feel better.

A win over Stanford.

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