Game Talk: Stanford 82, Arizona 77

18-0 in the Pac-10, gone!!!<BR> Undefeated season at home, gone!!!<BR> Not so surprising though. It was probably just a matter of time before the Wildcats dug themselves a hole too deep. After coming back once again, this time from a 14-point second half deficit, Arizona ran into a team that held its poise and would not fold down the stretch. After the game, Lute Olson and the player had plenty to say about the Wildcats first home loss of the season.

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Lute Olson
"(The difference in the game was) the number of mistakes we made with the ball and you can't miss 12 of 26 free throws. I don't know how many of those were the front ends of a one-on-one (opportunities). We made a great run, but it's typical of what happens when you make a great run. You put so much effort into getting back in it that your energy level is not there when you need it after that."

On missing a lot of easy shots
"We missed a lot of lay-ins. We had lay-in type shots, we were 7 of 17 on the night. We have to convert those. I thought (Rob) Little did a fantastic job inside for them. They did a good job of challenging those shots and they had some big time blocks."

On the overall play of Stanford's big men
" (Nick) Robinson did what he had to do and you can't have your two opposing fou(big men) get 11 offensive rebounds, because those rebounds are usually rebounds that are in position to be converted. "

On the comeback
We came out in the second half and really got after them, but they did a great job of maintaining their composure. If you look at the free throw situation and our turnover situation and you look at the offensive rebound situation, those are the things that killed us."

On the play of Chris Rodgers
"We know that when we put him in he's going to get after people and I thought he did nice job. Of our perimeter guys, I think Chris is consistently one of our best defenders. We've seen some progress from him. He's not playing the point if you've noticed, he's playing the two guard in an effort to take some of that weight off his shoulders when he is in (the game). But he played with Jason and Jason had to go the whole way because of Salim's foul situation. But if and when we rest Jason it has to be Salim at the point. We are just not ready to go yet with Chris at that spot. But (Chris) is doing a really good job in practice at the second guard spot."

Did you think Stanford might be better this year than other's thought at the beginning of the season?
"One, they do a good job recruiting. Secondly, they had a number of good recruiting classes in a row. It's a killer when you lose two guys (Chris Borchardt and Casey Jacobson) like they lost, but it was never the case where I thought Stanford was going to be a second division team. When you've got an athlete like (Julius) Barnes, and we all know how good (Josh) Childress is. Probably the biggest surprise is (Matt) Lottich, who was a great, great high school shooter. You really had not heard that much of him but he can knock the shot down. You know Justin Davis only played like eight minutes, but you can see what kind of an athlete he is. It was never a case of where I thought Stanford would be a seventh place team. No way, they're too well coached, they've had good recruiting classes and do an excellent job. They do every year."

Has the alleged stolen candy incident been a distraction this week
"Of course it's been a distraction, thank you. But I thought we had good practices."

On the success Stanford has had at McKale Center
"The crazy thing is we've had great success against Stanford at Stanford and they've had great success here. I don't know how you explain that, but we've beaten some very good Stanford teams at Stanford."

Jason Gardner
"I don't think (we had a let up after the Kansas game), I don't think that mentally we were ready to play. Coach Olson talked about we had a lot of turnover and we missed 12, 13 or 14 free throws. We allowed 11 or 12 offensive rebounds. They beat us on the boards."

On this week's practice leading up to the game
"The week (of practice) was fine. It was the (lack of) mental preparation for today's game. Going into the game I don't think we were ready and came in and wanted to win. Over all, it's one of those things we've been working on all season, coming out and being ready, cutting (the other team's) offensive rebounds down and cutting down the turnovers."

On putting together two good halves
"I think all the guys understand that we have to come out and start to put two halves together. I think eventually we'll get there."

What were the key differences down the stretch?
"I think that toward the end they hit some shots and we missed shots. It's just kind of the way the ballgame went. But I think the turnovers, offensive rebounds, and giving them all the opportunities they got. They had 40-some possessions ."

On missing 12 of 26 free throws
"Anytime you miss 13 or 14 free throws against a good team, that's bad. The calls were going both ways. You need to step up to the line and knock them down."

On getting the lead but not holding it
"We did come back and we took the lead by three and I made a turnover. I think the biggest thing is down the stretch I don't think we took care of the ball and I think they did. They hit shots and we didn't."

On losing at home for the first time this season
"It's tough. We're playing at home and our crowd is behind us and this is our home floor and we wanted to take advantage of being at home and we didn't. So that's the hardest thing, losing at home. It's bad."

On playing Cal Saturday night
"It's going to be a big game for us. They'll come in here ready to play. We lost the game tonight so I know they'll feel like they can come in here and beat us too."

Chris Rodgers
"When we started to make our run we had the momentum and we were just trying to build on it. Then they made some key buckets. I thought they did a good job (at the end)."

On getting limited playing time
"I just try to stay mentally balanced and I just try go out there when I get my opportunities and do what I can for the team."

Andre Iguodala
"We got off to a slow start and it was just one of those things. It was a tough loss, but we'll be back."

How do you come back?
"Just play harder. We didn't play hard, (Stanford) played harder than we did. With our talent, when guys play like they're supposed to then no team can beat us."

On the team's lack of focus
"I think it's a lot of things, lack of focus, too high for the game. Sometimes we're kind of lackadaisical before the game. It's just a combination of things."

On the comeback
We know we can come back. I thought we had it. Guys were hitting shots and playing good defens

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