Players gearing up for new era

With the season set to begin, most associated with the program have a high level of enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

As each member of the media went down the line at Arizona's media day, there seemed to be one common theme.

Each player is excited about the upcoming season and realizes what playing basketball for Arizona means.

"There is a big tradition at this school," freshman Kyryl Natyazhko said. "We have these jerseys of the greats like Steve Kerr and Mike Bibby hanging from the rafters and in the locker room and I'm just proud of myself and my grandparents are proud of me to be able to share something in common with such great athletes by putting on this jersey."

The pressure that will be facing each player not only comes from the rick history, but also from the fact that the city is so in tune with the Wildcats.

"It's all about basketball here," said freshman Derrick Williams. "You have students and fans just coming up to you everywhere and wishing you luck with the season.

I'm a freshman and they know my name and I just really love the community for how much of a basketball town they make this."

However, that history is certainly something that is in the back of each player's mind.

"If you want to go to the NBA and if you want to play for a great coach, then this is the place to be," said Lamont Jones.

"There have been a lot of great point guard here over the year and if I can get any chance to work with any of those guys during the summer or something, than that would be huge."

No matter what the preseason bringsa, the players have confidence for the future.

"Coach Miller brought guys in," Jamelle Horne said. "It's going to be a rebuilding year. This year we will focus on getting better. He brings seriousness. He did great things at Xavier. Things are intense right now. The good thing is that we have tons of talent and versatility."

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