Channing Frye Pt. 1

Channing Frye was a guest on "Cat Tracks on the Air" Wednesday, January 29th. He offered many insights into the team's development, preparations, rebounding, and unity in this, the first of a three-part interview.

Cat Tracks (CT): Have you ever played in an environment like Kansas?
Channing Frye: "I really haven't been in a situation like that except for Oregon. And Michigan State was like that, and I can't tell you off the top of my head some of the other places. I think that it was a great win-win situation for both teams. I felt like we just came out of there with a win, but Kansas is a legit team. But now we need to stop focusing on what we did against Kansas because we are only as good as our last game."

CT: Being the number one team in the country, every team is aiming to beat you. How do you prepare for teams that give you their best shot?
FRYE: "We just have got to refocus. We just go out there and try to play hard in practice and we understand that one game isn't going to win our whole season. I think that's something that we learned last year after beating Maryland. I feel like as a team we have to be focused on who we play next, because we have bigger goals than just beating one team and going out there playing one good half. We made mistakes during the Kansas game, and we're going to make mistakes in every game. We're just trying to go out there and play the complete game.

CT: The rebounding has been great since the beginning of Pac-10 play, is there anything different that you guys did, or is it just a matter of guys simply finding their groove?
FRYE: "I think it's been a little bit of both. The coach has been on us so much, I feel like the big guys have really had to step up. All the big guys sort of take it personally to say "we're not going to get beat on the boards anymore." We understand that we're an integral part of our team by getting on the boards, and staying on the glass, and being aggressive and making our presence felt."

CT: Everybody steps up in a different way on this team and you don't have a real go-to guy, it has really been a cohesive unit. Now with Salim coming back, and Luke close to full strength, to you feel that the glue is really starting to come together?
FRYE: "Definitely. I think that the glue has been together the whole time. But I think it was kind of meshing together. Luke brings so much to the game, so does Salim. Each game someone is going to step up, I think that for us to have a 40-minute game we need everybody to step up every night. Just because you may not get 30 or 20 points like Salim did, people can step up in different ways, by making the little plays, by hustling, and we need for the people who may not play, or may not start to be enthusiastic on the bench. It's things like that that make us play better and things like that every team needs if they want to go to the next level."

Read Part. 2 on Saturday.

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